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Public Affairs and Strategic Communications Consulting

Strategic Communications

With creative thinking we work with our clients to craft the right message. We then work with clients to develop and implement the right communications strategies to attract the attention of decision makers. We work with our clients to attract media attention to their issue in order to sway public opinion and key stakeholders. We can assist your organization with public relations, social media strategy, media training, crisis communications, branding, marketing, messaging, and development of collateral materials.

Grassroots Advocacy

We work with clients to build strategic alliances with those who share your view and are engaged in the public process on your behalf to achieve the policy changes you seek. We work at both the grassroots and grasstops level to ensure that your messaging reaches its identified targets. We’ll help you build and implement a plan to reach key audiences, develop an earned media plan and leverage the power of your coalition.

Government Affairs

We help businesses, individuals, non-profits and associations successfully navigate the challenging political, legislative and policy environment in the halls of government to achieve their goals at the local, state and federal level. We will utilize our relationships with elected leaders to advocate for our clients, monitor critical legislative activity and get your message in front of key decision makers.

Economic Development

Our work with clients will help identify strategic funding opportunities to support your project goals. We have extensive experience at the local, state and federal levels to ensure that your project exhausts every opportunity for support. We will help you identify strategic opportunities to advance your economic development project.