Bridgeway Capital

The Caliguiri Group worked with Bridgeway Capital, a nonprofit leader committed to effectively growing, innovating and stimulating economic development in Southwestern PA, to leverage public support and financing for Bridgeway’s 7800 Susquehanna Street project. This unique development project will repurpose an underutilized commercial asset into a platform for economic renewal in the Homewood community. As the tallest building in Homewood, Bridgeway is helping 7800 Susquehanna Street regain its position as an economic and cultural hub of a revitalized community.

Working with Bridegway Capital, the Caliguiri Group sought community, stakeholder and elected officials support and leveraged that support into a $1 million Pennsylvania First grant from the PA Department of Community and Economic Development and a $1 million Redevelopment Assistant Capital Program (RACP) grant award from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. These critical public dollars will enable Bridgeway Capital to continue and complete the revitalization of the 7800 Susquehanna Street Project.